The polls are officially open for fans to decide which artist is worthy of the Entertainer of the Year and New Artist of the Year awards, which will be handed out at the 2012 ACM award show in Las Vegas. Taylor Swift is leaving nothing to chance, filming a funny video as a way of convincing fans to vote. Actually, her new kitten Meredith does most of the smooth talking.

In the video below, Swift shows a conversation she has with "Mere," the Scottish Fold kitten she took in last fall. Understandably, as Swift is literally the hand that feeds her, the gray and white furball seems to agree with almost everything her owner says.

"So like do you think that people should go and vote for us, maybe?" Swift asks. "Meow," Meredith responds. It looks like the singer has hired a cat-to-English translator to help out. Somehow, the video is nearly two minutes long -- and full of awkward hilarity as Swift has a one-on-one chat with her cat. "Good talk," she tells Meredith at the end.

Fans can vote for both Entertainer of the Year and New Artist of the Year at One vote is allowed per person each day up until the show begins at 8PM ET on April 1. Meredith has already proven herself to be a fine campaigner, having won the Taste of Country Award for Best New Pet in 2011.

Watch Taylor Swift and Meredith Talk 2012 ACM Entertainer of the Year