Dakota Bradley's debut single 'Somethin' Like Somethin'' is a mostly charming pop-country love song that showcases the 18-year-old's spunky personality. He doesn't run from his Bieber-ness. Instead, he adds just enough steel guitar to keep him on the right side of the radio. 

This singer will appeal to a younger country audience. One glance at that all-American boy album cover shows that is clearly his intent; it looks like a Disney movie jacket. But this being country music, Bradley has a responsibility to the parents of the teens that will love him... and he fails with one lyric in the chorus.

"But it's somethin' like summer and somethin' like Saturday night / Somethin' like getting drunk for the very first time / Free fall, cannonball / Into the river, no clothes at all," Bradley sings. The line about getting drunk -- and naked -- sticks out like bad fish among his other refreshing comparisons.

Aside from that, the 'Somethin' Like Somethin'' lyrics are sharp, descriptive and a joy to follow. "I would be a millionaire if I could sell the air / That I walk on when I'm near you baby / I wouldn't save a dime, I'd spend it all on time / Everyday the rest of my life would be …" he sings before bursting into the bouncy chorus once again.

Bradley isn't a great singer, but he overcomes his vocal limitations with heaps of charisma. The music seems to reflect who he genuinely is -- something the backward cap, rows of corn and cliche acoustic slung over his shoulder do not do. There's plenty of room for another young, good-looking male with a great personality and a positive attitude to make an impression in country music... as long as the music is there first.

Listen to Dakota Bradley, 'Somethin' Like Somethin''