Newcomer Danielle Bradery was put on the spot about her love life recently. During an interview with Taste of Country Nights Radio host Jeremy Robinson, 'The Voice' winner spilled her celebrity crush ... although she tried hard to keep it a secret.

Bradbery clammed up a bit when asked if she had a boyfriend. "I have a lot of guy friends," she said, laughing. "This is like, putting me on a spot."

A few seconds, later Producer Todd suggested calling her cell phone, which the young singer was strongly opposed to. The reason? "I have a 'I Want Crazy' Hunter Hayes ringtone!" Bradbery admitted. She also dished that before that, it was Hayes' hit 'Wanted.'

"He probably thinks I'm a creep," she added, laughing but more than a little embarrassed.

Bradbery's debut single is 'The Heart of Dixie,' and she recently revealed on Facebook that she's just finished filming the video. Last week, she helped kick off the 2013 NFL season by singing the National Anthem before the start of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos, in Denver, Colo.

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