Darryl Worley and his family have suffered a devastating barn fire on their property. The singer turned to Instagram on Tuesday (Jan. 16) to share video of the incident, which he and his wife Kimberly recorded from inside a parked car not far away from the blaze.

"Well, me and Kimberly are sitting here watching the barn go up in flames," Worley says from behind the camera. "I guess it's true, that's what happens in the cold a lot of times."

"It's just sad. We had a lot of stuff in there. A lot of memories, and ... it's all falling in now."

Along with his realtime comments as he watched the barn go up in flames, Worley's management team shared a statement on his social media.

"We are asking that you be in prayer for Darryl, [Kimberly] and [the singer's daughter] Savannah today as their barn caught on fire this morning," the statement reads. "They are dealing with the loss of property and more importantly the loss of life-long memories!"

Thankfully, at least based on what the family knows so far, none of the animals in the barn lost their lives.

"We believe all the animals escaped and are okay!" the statement adds.

Known best for his country music heyday in the mid-2000s — including songs like "I Miss My Friend" and the patriotic, post-9/11 smash hit, "Have You Forgotten?" — Worley has remained one of the genre's traditional-leaning stalwarts in the decades since.

In 2023, he released "Have We Forgotten?," a "Have You Forgotten?" remake that urged unity and healing in the face of bitter, modern-day political divides.

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