David Nail is about to enjoy his biggest hit. "Good at Tonight" maintains a commitment to satisfying, poetic lyrics while becoming something his previous singles have not been.

It's fun. "Good at Tonight" is a foot-stomping good time with heavy bluegrass influences. That's not how we've come to view Nail so far. The balladeer is one of country's top vocalists, and a personal songwriter. But his best singles ("Let It Rain," "Red Light") are built for theaters instead of bars and clubs.

Brothers Osborne join Nail for this mandolin and banjo-driven alt-country anthem. The song is what a group like Mumford and Sons would sound like if they turned slightly toward a mainstream country sound. The production is still thick and progressive, but nothing buries Nail's sturdy vocals. You believe him when he says he's "Good at Tonight."

Did You Know?: TJ and John Osborne co-wrote "Good at Tonight" and Nail told them he wouldn't record it unless they sang on it.

Listen to David Nail (feat. Bros Osborne), "Good at Tonight"

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David Nail's "Good at Tonight" Lyrics:

“The stars and the weather, they won't last forever / But we’ve got 'em lined up right now / We both know in the morning, I’ll probably be going / Chasing the sunshine south / I'm a half-assed poet / I'm crazy and I know it / Just one step ahead or behind / I ain't much for the morning / But I’ve always been good at tonight.”

“Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery / Go ahead and guess all you want / There’s no rhyme or reason / For wasting time thinking / ‘Bout what's gonna go right or wrong / I'm a straight shot, no chaser / One chance-in-hell taker / But you can come along for the ride / I should come with a warning / Yeah, I’ve always been good at tonight.”

“Come on and dance with me / Throw your arms around me / I'll follow that fire in your eyes / Let's take it all right now / ‘Fore that moon goes out / Kiss me like there's no goodbye / I'm a stone made for rolling / But I’ve always been good at tonight.”

“The stars and the weather, they won't last forever / But we’ve got ‘em lined up just right / Who cares where we're going / ‘Cause we're getting good at tonight.”

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