David Nail’s “Night’s On Fire” borrow’s from Arcade Fire for a pop-rock-infused story about two lovers enjoying the moonlight like country kids do. It hits you across the face from the very first note. Sonically, it’s a very thick track.

Nail’s song begins on Friday night and ends around dawn Saturday morning. Things get pretty hot in between: "She’s a seat laid back, a boy’s dream / Drawin’ hearts in the window steam / She’s a gettin’ you right, knows what you like / And pours it on like gasoline / When you know what you’re headed to / What’s a red-blooded boy to do,” he sings during the second verse of “Night’s On Fire.”

The song relies on vivid color and Nail’s steel voice to carry it. A refrain of “Oh, oh, oh” comes and goes, but there’s nothing hooky or sweetly melodic about the song. It’s true to his other hits in this way. “Night’s On Fire” is a song you need to really listen to in order to fully appreciate. The chorus goes:

“You burn rubber when you smoke them tires / Day’s done and the night’s on fire / She’s telling you turn off the highway / The sunset melts all the blue away / Blackbird watching on the telephone wire / Whiskey on her lips and the night’s on fire / River of stars close enough to touch / July promise in the back of that truck / Her every move was taking you higher / You try to play it cool but the night’s on fire.”

“Night’s On Fire” is the first single from Nail’s upcoming studio album, and while it stays true to his sound from previous records, it pushes the boundaries. However, not quite enough to turn radio away, which is good for him.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Nights On Fire" mixes familiar themes with sharp songwriting and a very modern sound.

Key Lyrics: "You try to play it cool but the night’s on fire."

Did You Know?: When asked what the strangest thing he carries on his tour bus is, Nail said baby wipes. He and wife Catherine don't have any kids.

Listen to David Nail, “Night’s On Fire”

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