Dean Alexander got in the Halloween spirit this year and decided to celebrate by releasing his spooky new single, "Pretty Little Cemetery."

This tune is not what we're used to from the rising country star. It veers far from his catchy, head-bopping debut single "Live a Little," which was released last summer.

"Pretty Little Cemetery" opens with a 30-second intro full of banjo picking and production that hints at what is in store for the rest of the song. The track goes on to set the scene with an obviously beautiful girl who is looking to start some trouble. Alexander senses this, but decides he doesn't care, and is looking to follow the girl wherever she may lead -- even six feet under.

"Might as well carry me / In a long black car to the edge of town / Lay my body down / Just bury me in a pin striped suit / Wrapped in the roots all because of you / Baby what you doing to me / You might as well go and put me in a cemetery / Pretty little cemetery," Alexander sings.

The song continues on the same creepy path, which leads to an ironically lively guitar solo that lightens the tune's mood.

The production of the single validates its originality and is unlike any country song you've probably ever heard before. There is no better time than Halloween to release "Pretty Little Cemetery."

Alexander is currently working on an EP with writer and producer Danny Myrick, which is expected to be completed in 2016. He will be releasing another track from that project, "Super Casanova," in the forthcoming months.

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