For his debut music video, newcomer Dean Alexander returned to the place his Nashville music career began. Layla's Bluegrass Inn is featured prominently in the 'Live a Little' video. The singer said when given a choice, he knew he had to return to the stage that taught him how to be an entertainer.

"That's where I learned how to live a little," Alexander tells Taste of Country, recognizing the pun. In 2006, just weeks after moving to Nashville with only $100 to his name, Alexander met the bassist for a band named Jypsi. Darren Theriault told him he'd invite him on stage and make sure Layla was watching. He remembers singing 'Runaway' and 'Fast as You' by his hero, Dwight Yoakam.

“Right when I got off, Layla gave me my first Tuesday night spot and that led to Friday nights and Saturday nights,” Alexander says.

The 'Live a Little' video shows Alexander preparing for, and then performing at Layla's. The empty room quickly fills when the sun falls below Broadway's west end. The basement bar turns into a venue as wild as any in Nashville -- or America, for that matter.

“We had the option to go to the beach or all this other stuff but I wanted to go back to the place where it all started with me in Nashville,” Alexander says. "I literally learned how be an entertainer off of that stage."

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