Country singer-songwriter Dean Alexander rang in 2016 in a memorable way: by proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Liz Bock. Alexander announced the happy news on Facebook on Jan. 3, explaining the couple's unexpected first meeting on a ferry ride in Australia five years ago.

"Little did I know 5 years ago (almost to the day) fate would have me miss my ferry from ‪#‎Manlybeach‬ in Australia which landed me sitting behind my future wife on the the 2nd one!" he writes on Facebook. "Long story short- 4 years full of crazy life, love & learning, unplanned and doing the whole ring thing backwards, we found ourselves on a whim of free spiritedness pulling into ‪#‎trattore‬."

The couple were on vacation in Sonoma, Calif. celebrating the new year when Alexander says "a rush of clarity & urgency came over me to ask Ms. Liz Bok to marry me!"

Recently, Alexander has been working on a new project with Danny Myrick which he describes as "acid western." Myrick explains the project as being, "equal parts Sergio Leone spaghetti western, midnight Tarentino desert roadhouse, Dick Dale and Dwight Yoakam on steroids."

In addition to now planning a wedding, Alexander is working on an EP to release sometime this year.

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