Dean Alexander is a newcomer with a new song about living life to the fullest. And 'Live a Little' is so catchy, we just might take his advice! A feel-good song with enough edge to keep it rocking and enough twang to keep it country, 'Live a Little' is a perfect debut single for a new country singer set to make a splash.

Lyrically, 'Live a Little' is quick and clever, with Alexander's voice flowing through the lyrics like a spark that will grab the listener's attention and have them hitting repeat as they find themselves inspired and motivated to jump headfirst into their dreams.

"Everybody's got a friend / Got a buddy / Got somebody that ain't living it up / Live a little! / Afraid of falling / Afraid to go all in / When all you gotta do is jump / Live a little! / Got a dream / Got a wish / All we all gotta do is quit wasting time / And live a little life."

With a hard-rocking undercurrent of rhythmic guitars and hard drums, the sound of 'Live a Little' perfect matches the song's message: get out in the world, have fun and live life! Alexander's voice is ridiculously fun to listen to, with just the perfect balance of hard rocker and country twang. The song is instantly catchy and with its positive message to seize the day, 'Live a Little' is surely making Alexander a new country artist to watch.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Live a Little' has a great motivational message and is so catchy, it's addicting. Fans will likely find themselves listening to this tune on repeat as they pump themselves up to live it up.

Key Lyrics: "Get your girl / get your Chevy / Find a spot, find a dock, find a levy / Get your kiss / You know you're ready / Let love fall on you like confetti / You only got one shot, don't wait / Get a taste, better get a bite / And live a little life / Yeah, live a little."

Did You Know?: Alexander currently calls Nashville home, but according to his CMT bio, the country crooner grew up in the tiny town of Tuppers Plains, Ohio, which has a population of “a little over five people, I think -- a gas station, one stoplight, a school, one tiny bank, and that was it."

Listen to Dean Alexander, 'Live a Little'

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