Dee Jay Silver's new song will slide easily into the mix he spins between sets while on tour with Jason Aldean this year. "Getaway Driver" is a high-energy love song featuring country duo Waterloo Revival.

George Birge of Waterloo Revival co-wrote "Getaway Driver" with Jason Massey and Corey Crowderm and the song will be found on an upcoming Dee Jay Silver album. Silver's original music continues to target fans of a more progressive country sound, but he doesn't break format with this guitar and drum loop-anchored love story. He says he loves that it has radio potential, but will also hold the rooms he regularly plays in Las Vegas. He also takes time to gush on his collaborators.

“The guys from Waterloo and I have been buddies for a while — we’re all from Austin, Texas," Dee Jay Silver (real name John Perdue) says. "I’ve always been a big fan of the music they make, so I reached out to George. He sent over a few songs they’ve done and ‘Getaway Driver’ stuck with me."

Birge and Waterloo Revival are equally amped to see how fans of Silver — and country music — respond to "Getaway Driver." While known for his remixes of popular country hits, Silver has released original music previously. "Just Got Paid" with Austin Webb was a single in 2016.

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