Don't dismiss Dee Jay Silver just because his pen name starts with "Dee Jay." "Just Got Paid" is his first official single, and the veteran proves he has a finger on the pulse of the country community.

The technician is in front, not ahead, of the format. "Just Got Paid" is a progressive country lyric that recalls late '90s and early '00s rock bands more than it does anyone from the electronica world. The loops are subtle. The themes are familiar. The song is as catchy as Zika.

Austin Webb does the singing. He also co-wrote the song with Silver. Guitar and drums dominate this summer afternoon delight, remarkable for its humble production and airy arrangement. You'd expect something thicker than a Texas ribeye from the Texan, but he doesn't take himself that seriously.

Perception will likely prevent the song from becoming a hit at country radio, but one has to wonder how it'd be perceived if the album art said John Perdue (Silver's real name) on it instead of Dee Jay Silver.

Did You Know?: Austin Webb has charted several singles on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, including "Slip on By."

Listen to Dee Jay Silver, (Feat. Austin Webb), “Just Got Paid”

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Dee Jay Silver's "Just Got Paid" Lyrics:

"Redneck, grease stain on my blue collar / Friday and I'm down to my last dollar / Still got eight hours but I'm ready for the weekend / Lunch break, half way and I'm slow movin' / Missed call, voicemail baby what you doin' / Call me back 'cause your man's got a plan for the weekend." 

"Well I just got paid and I'm on my way to the back of the bank line / Got the stub in the dash, a pocket full of cash, picking up my sunshine / Well she hops in, sugar in her grin, sweeter as she can be / Then we're on our way and it's all okay because I just got paid / Whoa whoa whoa / I just got paid." 

"Back roads turn to concrete, city limits / Spend a half day's pay in a couple minutes / We like to take it to town throw it down on the weekend, weekend / Run around on the boulevard, bar hoppin' / Throw it in the back no more window shopping / Anything you want, girl you got it on the weekend." 

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