Dierks Bentley recently chatted with Parade, and the 'Home' singer spoke about his personal ties to the military, his great sense of patriotism, and his work with the Wounded Warriors Project. In addition to discussing his ties with the armed services, Bentley also dished some details on his upcoming album.

"My dad and grandpa were in the army and as a country singer you’re constantly playing at military bases all across the country and meeting soldiers and their families and hearing their stories," Bentley told Parade. "I think about it a lot and talk a lot about it onstage every night. I’m just so thankful to the 1% of the country that actually serves in the military."

Bentley also discussed his involvement with the Wounded Warriors Project, which is an organization dedicated to assisting injured members in the armed forces. Before some of his concerts, Bentley hosts parties to help raise funds for the charitable organization. "The sacrifice they make is something special, so helping them was a no-brainer," Bentley said of his involvement with the Wounded Warriors campaign.

The country crooner went on to explain that his new single 'Home' actually inspired him to start hosting the pre-concert benefit parties. "It came about through my new single 'Home.' The song is open to interpretation and certainly one way of hearing it is about the guys and girls making a sacrifice for our country," he said. "You have these guys who are coming back and are wounded. They are coming back to a country with some uncertainty. They have issues about their health and are trying to reconnect with their families, finds jobs in this economy. It’s time to actually act on your patriotism and do something about it. It’s a great project to get involved with and anybody can."

Bentley is more than happy to lend a helping hand to the U.S. soldiers who are wounded in battle, and the servicemen and women he's helping have expressed their gratitude for his efforts and his inspirational music. "I do [hear from them], yeah. We have friends in the SEALs, friends in the Marines. You hear all the time about how your songs got them through tough times. It means the world to me. Our whole band, we all feel very small compared to anyone in the military," Bentley told Parade.

In addition to discussing the military, Bentley also talked about his upcoming album, which is due out some time in 2012. "I think it's like having an A side and a B side, where each side has different kinds of songs. Those are the kind of records I try to make," he said. "I try to make an album that reflects what I love about country music. It’s not just all about happy parties all the time. There are some sad songs. On my album, I try to get  a little reflective because that’s what I love about country music. The album comes out in February and by then people will have heard 'Am I the Only One,' which is a killer song about getting the party started."