Models and puppy dogs have starred in many Dierks Bentley videos during his long career. The singer is often found with a broken heart, or his heart is beating out of his chest like a cartoon character as some gorgeous babe gives him a wave. Most of these video tell a story that syncs up nicely with the lyrics. There are a few shocking moments to be found among these five clips.

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    'Up On the Ridge'

    The most artistic of Bentley's music videos comes from his most artistic album. The title track to his 2010 side project is dramatic without too much action. Makeup and lighting play a large role in the visual fun the director captures on film. Like all great country music videos, this clip makes the song better.

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    'Am I the Only One'

    The trouble with growing old is sometimes your friends grow old even faster. The singer finds himself alone at the bar one night because Wild Man Willie and Nate have excuses for why they can't party. Trouble finds Bentley, but in a good way. A country girl takes him by the collar and shows him a very, very good time.

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    'How Am I Doin''

    'How Am I Doin'' is the sequel to Bentley's debut music video. Becky is back, played by model Lauren Elaine. Fans see more of her (a whole lot more) late in this clip, but the best parts find the singer hanging with a mafia-like group of card sharks. They take care of him. Not like take care of him, but dress him real nice and show him some fun in Las Vegas.

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    'What Was I Thinkin''

    Scenes from Bentley's 'What Was I Thinkin'' video follow the song closely, but Becky proves to be a little wilder, and her daddy proves to be a whole lot crazier than you'd imagine from just listening to the track. Fans get to relive that wild night with the singer. It's the video that spawned a new country fashion craze.

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    'Long Trip Alone'

    It's not clear if Bentley actually shaved his head in this video, or if they just used a wig and makeup to trick us. He did start wearing a short hairdo shortly after this clip premiered, however. The action finds him in a Mexican prison before he's released and tasked with getting home to find his lover. Each scene is tight with tension, and one is never quite sure he'll survive.