Dillon Carmichael is exactly what country music traditionalists have been waiting for.

The 24-year-old country singer-songwriter is giving Taste of Country readers an exclusive first listen to his new song, "Made to Be a Country Boy," which celebrates country traditions not only musically, but lyrically.

"Every time I look in that mirror, the reflection I see's getting clearer / That who I am is who I'm gonna be / I wouldn't change a single thing / I'm proud of this blood in my veins / Like my daddy and his daddy before / I was made to be a country boy," Carmichael sings in the chorus. His genuine baritone is supported by a bed track that's pure classic country, featuring taste dobro lines.

Carmichael scored a publishing deal while he was still in high school, and he has strong ideas about the kinds of songs he wants to write.

"I want lyrics to be relevant in songs and on radio again," he says. "I'd like lyrics to impact people the way they impacted me growing up, listening to some of my favorite artists like Hank Williams Jr., Vern Gosdin and Waylon Jennings. Those guys were true country."

That said, he adds that he's not looking to simply re-tread the past. He calls his music "traditional but on the verge," leaving room for him to help move the ball forward while still giving a nod to country's rich history.

Carmichael comes by his country cred honestly. He hails from the tiny town of Burgin, Ky., which is home to just a thousand people, and his uncles are John Michael Montgomery and Montgomery Gentry singer Eddie Montgomery.

"Made to Be a Country Boy" will be available at Spotify. For more information about Dillon Carmichael, visit his official website, or keep up with him via Facebook or Twitter.

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