Dierks Bentley is inviting summertime a little early with his "Somewhere on a Beach" video. The clip takes a different perspective than fans might expect, as Bentley is not even the main character of the story.

The "Somewhere on a Beach" music video tells the story a guy who steps off a plane into Mexico, stressed, lost and alone, until a beautiful woman approaches him in a bar as Bentley and friends look on. The woman gets the man to relax and let loose, though he's clearly uncomfortable and unsure how this has happened to him. By the end, he’s just going with it, and Bentley and his crew watch, amazed.

The man in the video is actually a friend of Bentley’s, the artist says, and his antics had the guys in stitches the whole time they were filming.

“It took three days to shoot this video ... we got so much great stuff all over this tiny little Mexican village outside of Cancun. It kills me to think about all the funny moments that we couldn’t fit into this edit,” shares the star in a release. “Our lead character Josh is an old friend that some fans may recognize. He had us doubled over laughing on the set the whole time ... really funny dude and incredible actor. I hope everyone digs our take on this story, which may be a little unexpected.”

The lighthearted, humorous feel of the video matches Bentley’s personality well and reflects the laid-back tone of the song, which essentially tells an ex he’s got better things to do than worry about her. “Somewhere on a Beach” is the lead-off single to Bentley’s upcoming record Black. The singer says the album will be personal for him on several levels.

“The songs on Black range from the lonesomeness of an impossible relationship to ones that describe the feeling of finding that person that makes you forget the one that broke your heart,” he explains. The title not only reflects those feelings, but also the maiden name of his wife Cassidy.

Bentley will be going on the Somewhere on a Beach Tour beginning in April, and he’s also slated to host the 2016 ACM Awards with Luke Bryan April 3.

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