Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton may not be done with each other after all. During a red carpet interview at the All in for the Gambler farewell concert on Wednesday (Oct. 25) in Nashville, the famous friends and collaborators said now that he's retired they may have time for something they've long talked about.

Parton and Rogers may finally get a chance to write together. "We used to talk about that, so now he might have some time," Parton tells Taste of Country. Rogers looks less than excited about the idea, but give him time. He's only been living on easy street for a day!

"He's retiring from the public, not from me," Parton adds.

The female Country Music Hall of Famer also points out that Rogers is a talented photographer, so she'd be open to letting him handle album cover photos in the future. When "The Gambler" singer gets a turn to talk, he makes it clear that his priorities are more humble.

"Nobody sits in front of a TV and watches television all day better than I do," he says as Parton laughs.

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The pair closed a concert that featured 20 performances from friends, contemporary stars and legends like the Lionel Richie and the Oak Ridge Boys. Their part of the show was equal parts conversation and music, with Parton calling out the famous lyric to the "The Gambler," adding "We've been accused of it all through the years ... you are retiring. You wanna hold 'em now?" as she stuck her chest toward the silver haired Hall of Famer.

Together they sang "You Can't Make Old Friends" before she tributed him with "I Will Always Love You" and they closed with "Islands In the Stream." It was a special night for Kenny Rogers fans.

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