The first trailer for the upcoming Netflix movie Dumplin' has arrived, and it's chock-full of Dolly Parton.

Dumplin' tells the story of Willowdean Dickson, a plus-size teen who decides to stage a "revolution in heels" by entering a beauty pageant in her small Texas town as a form of protest, which leads to a number of her friends joining in. Dolly Parton is one of her heroes, and the film not only features Parton's music very prominently, it also makes reference to her in the actual plot many times.

In the trailer above, Parton's face appears on a sticker inside Willowdean's locker at school, and the music includes "Here You Come Again" and "9 to 5." Willowdean and her friends even seek advice from a group of Dolly Parton drag queens in one hilarious scene when they need help on how to present themselves onstage in the contest.

The Netflix film stars Danielle Macdonald as the title character, and Jennifer Aniston plays her mother, a former beauty queen who is very hesitant to see her daughter compete, but ends up gaining a new respect and understanding for her.

Parton is deeply involved with the soundtrack for the film, which features newly recorded collaborations of some of her biggest hits as well as six new original songs. Parton co-wrote those songs with Grammy nominee Linda Perry, and they also teamed to co-produce the soundtrack, which is set for release on Nov. 30.

Parton joins with pop star Sia for an inspirational song titled "Here I Am" that's already been released. The other all-star guest vocalists include Miranda Lambert, Mavis Staples, Elle King, Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, Macdonald and Aniston herself

Aniston recently revealed on the Ellen show that she was actually kidding when she suggested that she should duet with Parton, but when the country icon responded enthusiastically, she ended up going forward with it.

Dumplin' is set for release on Dec. 7 via Netflix, as well as select theaters.

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