Newcomer Dustin Lynch spent the last few years writing, writing and writing some more. He's written over 200 songs, including his debut single on Broken Bow Records. 'Cowboys and Angels' feels as if he recorded it with the perfume of the song's inspiration still fresh on his shirt collar.

The Tullahoma, Tenn. native comes equipped with a sturdy voice that fills up one's speakers. A lesser singer would plod through this ballad, only to find his audience asleep by the time he finishes. Lynch drives the story forward with each verse.

"I've got boots and she's got wings / I'm hell on wheels and she's heavenly / I'd die for her and she lives for me / Cowboys and angels," he sings before opening into a chorus that showcases his natural talent.

Lyrically, Lynch doesn't bring anything new to the "bad boy/good girl" archetype. Often the worst thing a debut artist can do, however, is audition with a song that is too hip for his audience. "Not sure why her path crossed mine / Accident or grand design / Maybe God just kind of likes / Cowboys and angels," he adds before finishing. 'Cowboys and Angels' will impact radio on Jan. 17.

4 Stars

Listen to Dustin Lynch, 'Cowboys and Angels'

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