There are several personal songs on Dustin Lynch's upcoming Current Mood album, including a few about "certain people and certain relationships."

"No one is ever going to find out who it is," Lynch tells Taste of Country. "I'm sure there are going to be speculations."

So it's not a true Taylor Swift situation, as he doesn't drop clues about the who, what, when and where in the liner notes, music video or elsewhere. Lynch chooses to keep his personal life personal, but these mystery people will know he's singing about them during certain songs (he didn't offer titles).

Dustin Lynch Current Mood
Courtesy of Broken Bow Records

"It takes me back to that point in time and that place, and that's just fun for me," the "Small Town Boy" singer says. "Because I know exactly what they're about and the world is gonna think they're about whatever they wanna think they're about."

"Seein' Red" was the first single from Current Mood, expected Sept. 8. "Small Town Boy" is also close to becoming his second straight No. 1 hit from the album, possibly before it even drops. This will be the Tennessee native's third studio album, and he admits he enjoys being a versatile vocalist and songwriter who can explore all sides of the genre. "Love Me or Leave Me Alone," a duet with Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town, is the most traditional song on this project he says. "Seein' Red" is the opposite of that. It's a back-and-forth he has relied on throughout his career.

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