As one of country music's sexiest single men, it's no surprise that Dustin Lynch gets a lot of attention from the ladies. But it is surprising that he has no idea what to do when he gets that kind of attention.

"I get a lot of DMs (direct messages)," Lynch tells radio host Bobby Bones, admitting that he occasionally slides into womens' DMs on Instagram, too.

"Usually it's a compliment about my music and then some sort of emoji that you might be able to read into ..." he explains, laughing. "I got a good old-fashioned DM last week. I went to the gym and I had a napkin under my wiper."

Lynch swears he's not so great with picking up women, because basically he hasn’t had a lot of practice.

"I suck at it," he says. "I'm really bad in social settings because I haven't had any practice ever. Since I was in college, I was playing in bars. I never had to practice to be in a bar and hit on a girl. I have no idea how to do that. I don't have any idea what to say."

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Now, the "Good Girl" hitmaker is preparing to head off on the road with Thomas Rhett on the Very Hot Summer Tour, and perhaps get a whole lot more attention from the ladies. Though, he says touring isn't as glamorous as it looks.

"You have to be groomed for it," Lynch tells the radio host. "You have to be in shape for it. It’s tough on your mind and your body."

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