Two simple words turn Dustin Lynch’s new single ‘Where It’s At’ into something very memorable. OK, it’s actually one word repeated, but don’t get tangled up in details on this one.

Lynch’s song is catchy and easy to appreciate. While he proved to be a powerful balladeer on songs from his debut album, this new cut is playful and carefree. Vocally he’s very strong but ‘Where It’s At’ isn’t a showcase.

It’s at 2 am when she’s reaching’ over / Faded T-shirt hanging off her shoulder / Dressed up, hair down, in a ball cap / Yep yep, as long as I get that,” he sings to begin each chorus. There it is -- the words that will brand this song. "Yep, yep."

A song that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still plenty enjoyable deserves appreciation. That’s where you’ll find Lynch on this peppy number from an upcoming second album.

It ain’t in a suped-up shiny red new truck, if she ain’t to my right / It ain’t in a dive bar, tall can of PBR, poppin’ tops rockin all night / As good as it gets, no that ain’t where it is,” Lynch adds during a simple second verse. The first is equally tidy. No great story is being told here. Lynch is just expressing himself.

An electric guitar riff drives the production, but fans will also notice a background phaser sweeping from left to right during much of the song. The production isn't as important as the feel-good vibes the new track will elicit when Lynch sings it live this summer.

Why Fans Will Love It: Two words: ‘Yep, Yep.’

Key Lyrics: "I swear, if she’s there, that’s where / Yep yep, that’s where it’s at"

Did You Know?: The song's writers originally intended the "Yep, yep" line to be read with a hip-hop vibe, but Lynch played is straight.

Listen to Dustin Lynch, ‘Where It’s At’

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