'Wild in Your Smile,' Dustin Lynch's third single from his self-titled debut album, is another vocal showcase for the 28-year-old Tennessee native. The song is a fan favorite, one many liked for the followup to 'She Cranks My Tractor.' As Lynch hashes out a familiar story, his confidence is both reliable and charming.

A lesser singer may have turned this into a droll, cliche experience, but 'Wild in Your Smile' pops with the help of some country-rock production. The story is aimed at the meaty center of the country music audience, and it's likely few will complain about yet another love song that begins in a truck steering down a quiet country road.

"Hey girl what's up, looks like you're good to go / Hop in, lets ride, take it down this road / You couldn't look any hotter, reach on back and grab a bottle / Girl, lets get this party started," Lynch sings to open the song.

The two followup efforts to 'Cowboys and Angels' haven't packed the same lyrical punch. He's Richard Petty forced to drive a lumbering conversion van.

The chorus goes: "You look just like a little angel baby / But I know you love a little danger, baby / Everything about you girl is just my style / You got some wild in your smile."

'Wild in Your Smile' is built to be Lynch's second Top 10 record, and the singer has no trouble making the most out of the recording. It sounds so easy for him to sing with strength and conviction, and he's showing the capability to navigate the subtleties that separate a good song from a great song. The foundation has been laid for a strong future.

Listen to Dustin Lynch, 'Wild in Your Smile'