Dylan Scott's sturdy southern drawl holds up his first single 'Makin' This Boy Go Crazy.' Like many young singers, Scott sounds as if he's still searching for a vocal identity, but any hesitation is quickly covered by a hooky chorus and colorful lyrics.

It's a love song with a familiar theme and beat. The native Louisianan can really rumble when he reaches down to hit the low notes, but his performance won't leave female fans tingling like the greats. He's capable of doing just that, but 'Makin' This Boy Go Crazy' isn't the song for it.

"Oh girl you make me feel like whoa / Spinning me outta control with every little move you're makin' / Driving me wild if you know what I'm saying / Hey, shoot another smile my way / You're makin' this boy go crazy," he sings during the chorus. The second verse is by far the sharper of the two. So often an introductory single resorts to country cliches after the first minute, but Scott's effort only gets better.

"Ain't no guessing 'bout where you're from, when that southern draw slips off your tongue / Your little town is coming out and every time it turns me on baby / I can catch a buzz without a drink, that's what your body does to me / Every kiss is like a sip, I wanna taste, over and over."

At 22 years old, it's likely Scott hasn't spent that much time in a recording studio. In going for perfection, he steers away from the rough edges that can really make a song unique and remarkable. Given time and experience, one senses he could be a special vocalist a la Chris Young.

Listen to Dylan Scott, 'Makin' This Boy Go Crazy'