What gets Easton Corbin a little lost for words? Try asking him about the odd places he's been asked to autograph on a woman's body. In a recent interview with Big Frog 104, Corbin was asked that very question --  and he stumbled around to form a full sentence.

"Now the women sometimes, they like to expose ..." he began to tell the station, before stopping himself to start over once again. "I’ll say this. Sometimes they’ll get you to sign 'em, and they’ll actually get it tattooed on. That don’t happen very often, but once in awhile."

For those of you who can't read between the lines, Corbin is referring to women who actually ask him to sign their breasts and then get his signature tattooed on. At least that way, it won't wash off, right?

In the same interview, Corbin goes on to talk about his forthcoming album featuring his current single 'Loving You Is Fun,' his love of bluegrass music and the legendary Merle Haggard, who he admits he's never had the opportunity to meet. Also, the singer spilled his beverage of choice on days that he's feeling sluggish.

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