It was close to eight years ago that hit songwriter Liz Rose teamed up with Lee Brice to collaborate their great ideas for a song. The result is the Eli Young Band's current hit single, 'Crazy Girl.'

"Liz is so good about writing with new artists," Brice tells Taste of Country. "You can see that in [her co-writes with] Taylor Swift. We sat down, and I just love her personality. I love being in a room with her, and she’s so talented. I came in with a guitar, and that day I think I came in with a melody and the guitar riff for that [song]."

"Lee is so awesome, and he can sing anything," Rose praises of her co-writer. "I think we were talking about how females -- and we all know we do it -- have our crazy moments. Even men do. We all get in these relationships, and we fear that somebody's going to leave us instead of being in the moment and thinking that everything's great. We walk around with this fear all the time: 'Are you going to leave me? Are you going to leave me?' [laughs]."

"Baby why you wanna cry? / You really oughta know that I / Just have to walk away sometimes / We're gonna do what lovers do / We're gonna have a fight or two / But I ain't ever changin' my mind," they wrote in the lyrics of the song's opening verse.

"I know I've been there," notes Rose. "I'm not now, but I know I've had those relationships on both sides, where you wanted to tell somebody, male or female, 'Why don't you just chill? I'm not going anywhere!'"

"Crazy girl, don't you know that I love you? / And I wouldn't dream of goin' nowhere / Silly woman, come here, let me hold you / Have I told you lately? / I love you like crazy, girl," they wrote in the song's chorus.

"The way she writes and the way I like to write, we just kind of dove in," says Brice of writing the 'Crazy Girl' lyrics. "That melody just took us to a place. It was kind of a sensitive kind of song, but it still had this edge to it that was really cool. We just went for it."

"It was one of those days that seems like it just flew by," he continues. "It was just a couple of hours that it took for us to write that song. Sometimes songs that sound that simple, sometimes those are the hardest to write. It wasn’t. That one came together really sweet that day. Magic was in the air. I am so excited about this song, and I'm so lucky to have been a part of it!"

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