Eli Young Band's 'Drunk Last Night' video recounts what happens when you drink too much and reach for the phone. Hint: It doesn't usually end well.

The opening shot of the video starts out with a surefire way to get intoxicated -- a Jagerbomb. Then, we get a close-up of a glass of beer with a shot of whiskey sinking to the bottom.

But this isn't your typical party-heavy country music video. 'Drunk Last Night' is about the mistakes you make after you have a crazy night at the bar. The clip tells a story that most of us have experienced before: You go to the bar with your friends, intending to have a good time. But after a few rounds, something causes you to start thinking about problems in your love life...

Sometimes, you go home and sleep it off. But all too often, you end up calling your ex or your current partner and having a regrettable conversation. In the 'Drunk Last Night' video, that's exactly what frontman Mike Eli ends up doing.

For a while, Eli is having a great time. He's drinking with his bandmates, dancing with pretty girls, laughing and playing pool. But those shots are interspersed with video of the aftermath -- Eli sitting on a bed the next morning, looking bewildered.

In the last few seconds of the video, the story comes to a close. Eli leaves several messages for a girl, who didn't get them because she was asleep. He goes to her house, finds her phone and deletes his drunken messages while shaking his head.

In EYB's 'Drunk Last Night' video, all is well that ends well. But for most of us, a drunken conversation doesn't end so well!

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