Nashville resident Rod Lambert claims to have unearthed an over 30-minute recording of Elvis Presley having a private recording session with Jerry Lee Lewis in 1960, and he wants fans to help authenticate the tape.

Lambert initially picked up the tape at a yard sale, and it lay dormant for over a decade before he dragged it out in January 2009.  “I knew it said Jerry Lee, Elvis [Presley] and Mack Vickery on the tape but I just thought it was some standard songs by these artists. I would buy tapes to record over but when I saw Elvis on it, I couldn't bring myself to use it and threw it back in the box," Lambert claims about this possible piece of rock 'n' roll history.

The tape reportedly features singing and talking and what could be the only existing duet between Presley and Lewis, both of whom enjoyed rock 'n' roll and country music success throughout the course of their legendary careers. Vickery, a mutual friend of Presley and Lewis, eventually became a successful songwriter based in Nashville.

Lambert had the tape authenticated and a voice identification was performed by an audio forensics expert, and the results yielded positive IDs for Presley and Lewis. Lambert then took the tape to the company that administers Presley’s catalog; their opinion was a bit dissenting. They agreed that Lewis’ voice was present on the tape but disagreed that it was Presley’s voice. Lambert is dissatisfied with their assessment, so he is taking it to the fans.  In a statement, Lambert says, “I'm asking Elvis fans everywhere to come together and vote on this rare piece of music history.”

Fans can go here and listen to several bites from the tape and then vote in the corresponding ballot box. The votes will be used like a petition and the eventual goal is to have the duet, if it is that, released as a single.