Eric Church's Thanksgiving this year was extra special, as it was his first real holiday spent with his newborn son, Boone McCoy, who was born in October. With Christmas right around the corner, the singer is now looking forward to experiencing another of the many holidays to come with his precious son.

"The first Christmas [with him] is going to be really exciting," Church tells Taste of Country. "He’s really small, so next Christmas he will probably be a little more active [laughs]. It’s going to be really fun to go through those things. There are not that many 'firsts' you get to go through in your life, so for me, the first Thanksgiving and first Christmas with my first child is something I’m going to savor."

Following Christmas comes New Year's, so will Church be making an specific resolutions for the coming year? "Stuff like that always cracks me up," Church says with a grin. "My mom is big into resolutions, and she always does the New Year’s diet. What cracks me up is the two weeks prior to New Year’s Eve, she eats everything … ‘I’m going to eat this chocolate, but I’m stopping New Year’s Eve.’ She probably gains 10 pounds before she goes on her diet [laughs]! I just have never been a guy that did [resolutions]. I think if you’re going to change something, then just do it now. Why wait?"

In 2012, Church will have another 'firsts' to experience; his first headlining tour! The Blood, Sweat and Beers Tour is set to kick off on January 19 in Fort Smith, Ark.

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