Eric Church ditched his signature baseball cap and ever-present aviator sunglasses to perform his simple, stark but affecting ballad 'Like Jesus Does' at the 2013 ACM Awards. It's rare that we get to see the bearded singer's face or his eyes, and it was a welcome treat.

He performed the song while seated on a stool, cradling his acoustic guitar, his face in full view. It made the connection between Church and the viewing audience all the more immediate, since you could look into his eyes. It was a smart choice to ditch the shades in favor of some intimacy with the viewer.

But that wasn't the only thing about Church's quietly powerful performance that stood out.

The screen went black and white as he performed, so there was little to no distraction. However, when Church got an assist from a female backing vocalist, he remained in the foreground, colorless, while she was in the background in color, wearing a bright, beautiful red dress. It was quite the contrast and further rendered the performance unique and different.

Eric Church certainly stood out at the 2013 ACMs with his unexpected, beautiful and lilting delivery of 'Like Jesus Does.'

Watch Eric Church Perform 'Like Jesus Does' at the 2013 ACM Awards

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