Eric Church's 'Talladega' video makes a visual out of a song that is about a lot more than racing. The clip spans one man's entire lifetime while he lays in a hospital bed, reminiscing before his death.

The 37-year-old singer's 'Talladega' brings an important message about the things that truly matter in life, and in the song's music video, Church represents that idea. The man in the video -- an older man -- remembers a life well-lived, with images displayed on the wall behind him. The video then cuts to Church walking and playing guitar, while the man's memories surround him. Graduation day, fond moments from childhood ... it's all included.

Church and his band take a trip to a racetrack, alluding to the song's racing-inspired title. They stand on the track while cars appear to race behind and between them. Those car images are just another one of the man's mental home videos. Later in the 'Talladega' video, he's seen walking right where Church did, still remembering.

The video ends with the man lying back on his hospital bed, having had time to reflect on his life. His heart rate monitor slows as he takes his last breath. Church and his band appear somber, still on the racetrack while the main character passes away peacefully in the hospital.

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