Eric Church is sorry he couldn't see you on Friday, Buffalo, but he's going to make it up to you. Heavy rain and high winds -- and thus, unsafe conditions -- forced WYRK to cut short their annual Taste of Country concert on Friday (June 1), and many fans went home disappointed.

The 'Springsteen' hitmaker was bummed too, and that's why he plans to play a free makeup show for all ticket-holders who missed out on his set. "We sat there all day waiting to go," Church told the radio station on Monday morning. "We were all bummed, like everybody in the stadium. Just a bad situation, you know."

Church was scheduled to perform on Friday following Casey James, Dustin Lynch, Eli Young Band and Joe Nichols. By the time he was due to take the stage, all 24,000 fans were shouting his name. Unfortunately, the weather had worsened -- the wind blowing so strong that it knocked over industrial-sized trash cans, sending trash fluttering across the Buffalo Bisons' field.

"The good news is, we're coming back and we're coming back soon," Church added during his Monday chat. "We're going to do a show for everybody for free. Everybody who's got their ticket gets in." The singer promised Buffalo fans that the makeup show will happen "ASAP," and that it could be as soon as this month or early July. "We're just trying to make sure that we do the right thing by everybody."

"It's a little bit of a new world, you know. There's been events that people know about that have happened in the past outdoors," Church said, referencing last summer's tragic stage collapse involving Sugarland.

"We were ready to go. The decision was made, it was unsafe," he concluded. "It was fine from a rain standpoint. That was never a concern. It was the wind. I didn’t come all the way there to sit on a bus all day, so I’m excited to get up there and re-do the show."

Stay tuned to Taste of Country for more details regarding the free Eric Church Taste of Country makeup concert in Buffalo, N.Y.

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