Eric Paslay’s latest single “Angels in This Town” is an inspirational, yet down-to-earth, anthem about those moments in life when you can’t help but think you’ve had a glimpse of something extraordinary. Sparked by the message of his own tune, the artist has been making stops during his tour to visit people who fit the bill of "Angels in This Town,” as a way to say thank you for all they do.

So far, Paslay has made Angel Visits to the fire department in Norfolk, Neb.; the Boys & Girls Clubs in Austin, Texas and Toronto; a Habitat for Humanity build in Virginia Beach; and the Ronald McDonald House at WakeMed in Raleigh, N.C.

“We’re stopping by different organizations where the employees and volunteers are truly creating miracles and impacting other people’s lives in the best way. The least I can do is go and thank them personally,” says Paslay in a press release. “Good vibes are contagious, and I hope by visiting places like local fire departments, Habitat for Humanity builds, children’s hospitals and so many others, we inspire positivity in each community and beyond. It’s a real honor for me to be around folks who are doing such good in the world.”

The singer-songwriter will continue his Angel Visits, performing and meeting with people around the country throughout the rest of the year.

Paslay wrote “Angels in this Town” with Corey Crowder and Erik Dylan, and the guys say the song came together really quickly. In a recently released story-behind-the-song video, all three songwriters discuss how the title inspired the rest of the song almost instantly, and they had a finished tune within an hour.

“As soon as he said [the title], the room changed,” Crowder recalls. “It became a real special song."

The tune is the second track released from Paslay's forthcoming record, Dressed in Black. The artist has been touring this summer and hitting festivals along the way, including the Taste of Country Music Festival, where he undeniably brought the house down with his fun persona and impressive talent.

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