The "mama bear" really came out in Faith Hill while she was filming 1883. Not only is Hill a parent herself — she has three daughters — but she says the character she portrayed on the show, Margaret Dutton, reminded her of her own mother, Edna Perry.

"She reminds me of my mom. I was adopted, and she was one of the strongest women I ever have encountered in my life," the country star shares with Variety. "She passed on a few years ago, but her strength was just — nothing compares to it."

Hill was also asked how playing such a strong female on the show affected her. Her mother helped with that, too — Perry was an inspiration of sorts while Hill was acting as the Dutton matriarch. Like Margaret, the singer's mother at times had to do it all in order for their family to make it.

"She was really, really smart and worked three jobs," Hill reveals. "My dad couldn’t read. He’s since passed too, but she was raising my two older brothers and me during a rough time."

Being raised by a strong mother and being one herself was something Hill tapped into on set.

"I thought, when you love your family, you fight," she declares. "You do whatever it takes to keep them safe. And obviously I would do that in real life — if anyone messes with my kids, I will hurt you."

Fighting for your family is a common theme among parents, regardless of the time period.

"It was remarkable what people did, but that the common theme is the fact that we were all fighting for the same thing, protecting our family trying to find a better life for our family," she adds.

The future of the remaining Duttons is yet to be determined, but the good news is there's more to be told from Taylor Sheridan. Paramount+ has ordered more episodes of 1883 and what is now expected to be another Yellowstone spinoff called 1932. This series will follow the Dutton family as they navigate the Great Depression and Prohibition. It has not been confirmed whether Hill or her husband Tim McGraw will be involved.

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