Valentine's Day is just a few days away, and whether that makes you want to skip with joy or skip straight to the next week, who doesn't appreciate a little mushy love stuff now and then? This week, idolized country couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill offered up a list of some of their favorite things to Allure's Daily Beauty Reporter. Speaking of her own picks, Hill mentioned a gift McGraw gave her after the birth of their first daughter -- even though it had her pretty nervous for a while.

"After I had my first daughter, he gave me a ring with four diamonds and one emerald to symbolize her," she remembered. "It scared me because all I could think about was that he wanted to have five kids!" Lucky for Hill, the couple only ended up having three beautiful daughters and not a whole basketball team.

Among her other favorites, Hill said she loves the way her husband smells right after a shower, when he wears pajama pants or comfy pants and when he cooks chicken and dumplings. As for her favorite article of clothing, the 'Come Home' singer says,  "I feel the sexiest and strongest in slacks or feminine dresses. Nothing too fussy."

Dishing on the things he loves, McGraw said his favorite scent on his wife is the way she smells when she gets in bed at night. He also said his favorite hairstyle on his wife is "natural and curly and when she puts it up," and his favorite article of clothing on her is "nothing." He loves when she cooks him Coco-Cola cake and vegetables, butter beans and cornbread and says of his favorite gift she has ever given him: "Seven or eight years ago she gave me a Red CJ5 jeep -- it has serious history."

The two launched a set of fragrances this month -- Soul2Soul Faith Hill and Soul2Soul Tim McGraw. While both have a hint of a floral scent, Hill's is more feminine with added fruit and flowers, and McGraw's is tailored to men with its bergamot and blackberry brandy accord.