Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard says the best advice he's ever gotten about how to balance a demanding career with a personal life came from two veterans of the country music industry: Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean.

"I’d say with Luke and Jason, I mean, for the most part those guys have become good buddies of ours and we’ve learned a ton from them and I think, I don’t know if they’ve given us advice directly on that, but we have discussed it," Hubbard shares.

"Those guys got it figured out, how to have time for themselves to recharge, and how to give it all they got when they’re giving, but then stop when they’re not," continues the singer. "And for us, that’s somethin’ we’ve learned, how to turn off the switch for a little while and be home and just recharge and be ourselves and relax. That’s important for us, especially to be able to go as hard as we go and then to, you gotta have the recharge time."

While Florida Georgia Line certainly value their down time, they haven't had much of it lately. They are headlining their Anything Goes tour, which means they've been spending plenty of time on the road recently. The pair just returned from the European portion of the tour, and they are busy promoting their latest single, "Sippin' on Fire."

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