Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley has a lot to celebrate this holiday season. The group scored its first No. 1 with its debut single 'Cruise.' However, Kelley recalls the time that he had a two left feet for Christmas, courtesy of a gifting snafu.

Kelley loved to rollerblade yet never had his very own pair of skates. He used to borrow his friends footwear and glide up and down on those. One year, his parents got him his own pair of skates, but there was a major problem. There were two left skates in the box, likely the result of a mix up at the store!

Even with two left feet, Kelley was undeterred. He improvised, wearing both left foot skates and spent the whole day rollerblading. That had to hurt and be uncomfortable, but he waited too long for his own pair and nothing, not even the fact that there was no right skate, stopped him from doing his thing.

“I put them on and I rollerbladed the whole day," he recalled (quotes courtesy of GAC.) "Christmas day it was closed, ya know? So I put two of the left rollerblades on and I rollerbladed the whole dang day until we went back the next day. I had to rollerblade. I got them for Christmas. I opened them up. I think I might have cried a little bit but I put two lefts on… It was ridiculous."

Ridiculous? Not really. It's just indicative of the enthusiasm that is implicit in Christmas and opening presents!