Now that Jason Aldean's time in the studio in preparation for his highly-anticipated fifth studio album is complete, fans have been sitting on pins and needles for any kind of insight into what the album will hold. In a recent interview with new country duo on the rise Florida Georgia Line, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley revealed that one of the songs on Aldean's forthcoming record is one of their very own tunes titled 'Black Tears.'

"It’s pretty exciting," Hubbard said, beaming while telling us the great news. "It’s an old song for us. It’s on our old EP and it’s been around for years, actually. We wrote that a long time ago. It’s just wild the way it happened. Basically, Jason Aldean found the song randomly, before we had a publishing deal. It was just a crazy not-supposed-to-happen-this-way kind of way that it happened."

He added, "It’s been a long process, because that was about a year ago that we got the phone call about it. We just now heard the recorded version of it recently. We're super excited. I think that it’s going to be good for us and hopefully great for Aldean. It’s just a dream come true for us to have one of our idols sing one of our songs."

Hubbard co-wrote 'Black Tears' with another new kid on the country music scene, Canaan Smith. "Brian helped tweak it a little bit throughout us playing it, but [Canaan and I] wrote it probably about three years ago," Hubbard revealed. "It’s become a FGL song just through evolution."

"Tyler and Canaan wrote the heck out of that song," Kelley added. "I remember our old producer came to us and said, 'Why aren’t we cutting ‘Black Tears’?' It was like, 'I don’t know … why aren’t we? I guess we are now!'"

Fans will have to wait just a little bit longer to hear Jason Aldean's version of the tune, as his new album is not slated for release until later this fall.

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