What do you get when you combine the reigning Entertainer of the Year with 2014 Vocal Duo of the Year onstage at the 2014 ACM Awards? One heck of a performance, that's what.

Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan literally lit up the stage with their performance of 'This Is How We Roll.' They brought lots of aspects from their absolutely phenomenal music video to the ACM Awards stage -- except they didn't perform on top of a semi.

Exciting graphics, blazing fire, and high-flying action sport stars were the highlights of the jaw-dropping performance. This may be the first awards show ever that dirt bikes were flying and flipping over flames, and the effect was more than a little impressive!

Bryan and FGL are always a crowd favorite with their charismatic personalities, and their chemistry together was apparent. The duo performed earlier in the evening with 'Stay' at the Fan Jam at Mandalay Bay.

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