Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of red-hot country duo Florida Georgia Line take their 'This Is How We Roll' video to a whole new level by partying on top of a semi truck.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting this video, not only for a visual element to the undeniably catchy hit (FGL's fifth single from album 'Here's to the Good Times'), but also because it features country superstar Luke Bryan -- the spring break enthusiast always brings a party.

The video begins with Kelley, Hubbard and Bryan finding X Games champion Travis Pastrana and his action sport collective the Nitro Circus stranded on the side of the road, due to a dirt bike trick gone wrong. FGL and company invite the guys to their semi truck, saying, "We've got plenty of room, y'all. Got a party in the back."

Inside the truck, there are gorgeous gals, cold beer and plenty of dancing. The video flashes between Pastrana and crew showcasing some impressive tricks on their dirt bikes and the country duo singing the song while standing on top of the truck.

At one point, the dirt bikes impressively fly over Bryan, Hubbard and Kelley as they stand firmly on solid ground.

There are some pretty cool visual effects while the dirt bike riders do their tricks and seemingly fly to the moon -- and it's not by accident. The song 'This Is How We Roll' was inspired by Bryan mentioning 'shooting bullets at the moon,' according to Cole Swindell, one of the songwriters.

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