The very first trailer for the highly-anticipated Netflix Full House spinoff, Fuller House, has finally been released, and it features a very familiar voice.

After months of talk and speculation, the first teaser for Fuller House is on YouTube and the 1:15 video is just that — a tease. There are no actors shown in the clip, no people at all, just voices (and a golden retriever puppy). Well-known voices can be heard through the front door while we're shown the house the Tanner family grew up in in San Francisco. Over it all, Miranda Lambert's voice plays, singing the most perfect song: "The House That Built Me."

The song begins alongside a view of the Golden Gate Bridge — a staple image from the original show's trailer. Horns honk before the first voice is heard saying, "Man, it's good to be back!" The puppy, reminiscent of the Tanner family's dog Comet, barks from inside the home while we listen to the voices scrambling to come in before the clip ends. It all takes place inside that familiar living room ... and now we're even more excited for the Netflix original.

The 13-episode Fuller House series is set for release on Feb. 26. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweeten and Andrea Barber are regulars in the spinoff, while several original cast members (Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier) will make appearances. The show airs in full via Netflix.

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