It's a lucky day to be Irish -- and if you're a country fan too, you have double the luck! Seventeed years ago, Garth Brooks played two legendary shows in Dublin's Croke Park, and soon, the superstar will make his comeback.

Brooks actually stood in Croke Park to announce his return, which made it all the more real. He'll be returning to the same venue July 25 and 26, 2014 for two exciting performances before his worldwide tour kicks off in the fall.

Dubbed the Garth Brooks Comeback Special Event, Brooks and his fans will be able to celebrate the singer's legendary career, selling over 128 million albums and being named the top selling artist in U.S. history.

"Before we go back on tour in the fall of 2014, I want to challenge myself, the band and crew," Brooks explains. "In '97, we were lucky enough to play Croke Park, the stadium was under construction. 130,000 of some of the greatest fans in the world. I was quoted then as saying 'When this stadium is finished, I would love to come back and try to fill it again ... this time to the brink.'"

"... And we're back to do just that," he adds.

The country superstar hinted earlier that he was attempting a massive feat before his tour, and this event will only serve to add to the excitement of his comeback to the genre. He even described his previous shows in Croke Park, which were made into a bestselling DVD, as the “best shows I ever did."

"Bob Doyle, my long-term manager, was talking about our recent Vegas shows and he said, ‘if you are going to make a comeback, you’ve got to do a special. Something that is huge," Brooks reveals. "We said Dublin, Ireland, Croke Park in a fully reconstructed stadium. I said that totally joking, but we started to get into it."

And now, it looks like it's really going to happen -- and he didn't even have to kiss the blarney stone! Tickets for the event go on sale Jan. 30 at Ticketmaster and usual ticket outlets nationwide.

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