Garth Brooks has seen more than his share of ups and downs during the past week. Last Tuesday (Jan. 17) he appeared in a Rogers County, Okla. court to put to rest a dispute that has been running for more than 10 years. After about seven hours testifying on Friday (Jan. 20), Brooks is expected to appear in court for a third time today, this time to make his final plea. This all came during the same week he was proclaimed the best-selling artist of the Soundscan era.

The Oklahoma native went to court last week to testify concerning a lawsuit having to do with a $500,000 donation he made to the Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in his home city of Yukon. His mother, Colleen Brooks, died of cancer in 1999, and Brooks claims that he made the donation under the pretense that the hospital was building a new wing and naming it after his mother. In 2009, when there was still no new wing, Brooks sued, demanding that the money be returned or donated to another charity. The hospital claimed there was never any such agreement.

In court on Friday, Brooks was emotional, according to ABC News. Tearing up when he spoke of his mother, Brooks said, “She was my buddy … I was her biggest fan,” and “If anybody met her, [they] would have gotten to love her.” He also pointed to the fact that his mother never had it easy while he was growing up.

“My mom was pregnant as a teenager," he said. "She had a rough start.  She wanted to help every kid out there.”

While Brooks apparently never had anything in writing with the hospital, he says they had a verbal agreement and he even saw mock-ups of the plans for the new wing. The jury will deliberate after today's court adjourns, and a verdict is expected to be reached as early as tomorrow.