With 2012 just beginning to unfold, Billboard and the Nielsen Company compiled their annual year-end music industry report, providing a top 10 list of the best-selling artists of the entire Soundscan era. Sitting atop the list is Garth Brooks with a whopping 68.5 million sales, more than 3 million over the number two artist on the list -- The Beatles with 63.3 million.

Since Billboard has only been using Soundscan since 1991, the list doesn't provide data about the best-selling music of all time, but it does give a clear window into the past 20 years and the artists who dominated those decades.

Coming in third in the ranks was Mariah Carey with 53.6 million, followed by Metallica who sold 53.1 million albums. Several country stars made the list, including George Strait, Tim McGraw and Alan Jackson, in that order.

See the complete list below to find out just how many records the top 10 best-sellers got into the hands of their fans since 1991.

Top 10 Best-Selling Artists of the Soundscan Era
1. Garth Brooks (68,561,000)
2. The Beatles (63,299,000
3. Mariah Carey (53,612,000)
4. Metallica (53,170,000)
5. Celine Dion (51,492,000)
6. George Strait (43,310,000)
7. Eminem (41,166,000)
8. Tim McGraw (40,169,000)
9. Alan Jackson (38,860,000)
10. Pink Floyd (37,228,000)

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