Garth Brooks is giving fans an even closer look at his recording process. In a video uploaded to Facebook Monday night (Aug. 29), Brooks walks viewers into the studio where songs like "Friends in Low Places" and "The Dance" were cut.

Currently several musicians are working on his forthcoming album, so he tiptoed and whispered throughout his latest episode of Inside Studio G.

"I cried all day and laughed all day. It's been a good day," he says at the start of the clip. "First day in the studio on the new record. [We're] just getting started. Feels great! Feels great to cut again."

After watching a video of Thomas Rhett and Ashton Kutcher covering "Friends In Low Places," (he laughed along), Brooks begins to discuss his new project and several songs after taking questions from fans.

"It's the basic five today," he shares of tracking day. "It's all about drums, piano, acoustic, electric and bass."

As he explains the recording process, he discusses one song called "Live Again" for which the musicians are recording parts.

"Sometimes in a relationship you have to die to live again," he says of the song. "The theme of this album is starting to be summer all year long. We're all starting to dress like summer."

Another track called "Lay Down and Dance" Brooks says is a "fun song."

"It's about a guy who thought he was through with romance until of course you meet the next one like guys do, and all of a sudden it's on again. It's a fun, fun song," he says.

And then it was studio time!

"Where I'm about to take you . . . I'll show you how the records are made. We wanted to show you how in my world . . . you're going to get to come in and hear everyone play," he says before showing a brief video of him in the recording booth singing his vocal.

Watch the video above at the 17 minute mark to take a tour of where the guitar part was recorded for "Friends in Low Places" and where "The Dance" was committed to tape.

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