A Garth Brooks show is always an event, no matter where and when the singer is performing. However, his Saturday night performance at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon (June 29) offered up a special feature he doesn't bring out on a regular basis.

A choir of 800 singers, which made its entrance down the aisles of the floor and from high up on the concourse, accompanied Brooks for "We Shall Be Free" and the classic R&B song "Shout" (made immortal in the iconic film Animal House).

The latter song had special meaning for the local crowd. "Shout" is a tradition among University of Oregon students—Autzen Stadium is where the Oregon Ducks play—and is blasted out at the end of every third quarter during football season.

The choir was led by Brooks' longtime singer and Oregon native Robert Bailey, whom Brooks explained to the audience was actually featured in that particular memorable scene in Animal House singing "Shout."

The show marked the largest paid attendance in the history of Autzen Stadium. Brooks also revealed that the songs were recorded for a live album, so we'll be keeping a lookout for that. The show is part of a three-year stadium tour that will see Brooks performing in 10-12 stadiums each year; he's already showed his stuff in such hallowed institutes as the University of Notre Dame and the University of Florida.

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