Garth Brooks has been tight-lipped on details of his forthcoming tour, but the country superstar tells Taste of Country that fans are in for a completely different front row experience.

On the heels of Monday's (July 9) announcement that Brooks will be performing at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind. — the first time a full, stand-alone concert will be held at the 88-year-old stadium — Brooks also guaranteed he's bringing something new to the road that fans have never seen before.

"The whole thing about any concert is front row," Brooks insists, speaking Taste of Country after the news was shared. "That's what everybody wants to do, so make front row bigger. But make front row bigger by what? One times? Two times? How about 10 times bigger? That makes it fun ..."

"It's a beautiful thing, man. I don't know why we didn't do this earlier, but I think it all just comes in steps and stages and I think we're ready to make this leap," he continues, still teasing what, exactly, this means. "I better get in shape, I can tell you that, because there's gonna be a lot of front row seats."

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Brooks didn't explain how he and his team plan to expand the front row like it has never been expanded before, but it's obviously going to be dependent on the stage setup. Perhaps it's a stage that is surrounded on all sides, similar to those featured on televised halftime shows? Or perhaps it's a multitude of stages connected by long planks, essentially making nearly 100 yards of front row seating?

Based on his previous stage antics, don't rule out the possibility of Brooks running through every row of the 80,000 capacity stadium and high-fiving every single fan. For now, we're left to speculate. Brooks has not shared a date for his Notre Dame show or any other upcoming tour plans.

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