George Strait and Eric Church combined their talents onstage for a rare duet performance in Kansas City on Jan. 18.

The duo came together for 'Easy Come, Easy Go' and 'Cowboys Like Us' while on Strait's 2014 Cowboy Rides Away Tour, and fans couldn't have been more excited, with their screams and cheers drowning out Strait's words as he spoke.

Although the legendary Strait and rocker Church couldn't be more different stylistically, their presence together is one made in country music heaven. Strait wore his typical dress shirt, cowboy hat and jeans, while 'The Outsiders' hitmaker was clad in black leather and sunglasses.

For 'Cowboys Like Us,' Strait crooned out the beginning of the song, and the crowd soon erupted in applause as his duet partner made his way up from backstage. Church wore a huge grin and looked utterly ecstatic to be onstage with the country music icon. He pumped his fist and screamed "Yeah!" in his typical rocker fashion while Strait sang.

During 'Easy Come, Easy Go,' Church literally did not stop grinning through the entire song. It was clear that singing with Strait was a highlight in his career, and at the end of the set, the pair high-fived and enveloped one another in a gigantic hug.

Watch George Strait and Eric Church Sing 'Cowboys Like Us'

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