If you were hoping George Strait’s "Let It Go" was a Disney cover, you’re in for a disappointment — although the singer’s airy new single relies on a similar message as the Frozen hit.

Ukulele and steel drum pick away at the traditional fiddle and steel guitar arrangement of this beachy tune. It’s Strait's first release since he fully retired from the road, meaning it’s his first to take aim at the top of radio charts with no tour to support it.

Sonically, some will be tempted to compare "Let It Go" to “The Seashores of Old Mexico” from 2006, but a more accurate comparison is to one of Kenny Chesney’s early-00s hits. The mellow vibe is made more mellow by Strait’s “Don’t worry ‘bout it” attitude.

“Love’s great until it’s not / Hearts break but the world don’t stop / When it rains, man, it pours — you can’t change the course / You can wish on a star, but if it ain’t in the cards / Let it go,” Strait sings to begin the first chorus.

“Let it go, sometimes you gotta let it go / Let it all wash on under the bridge, blow it a kiss / Give it a rest ‘cause it is what it is.”

“Let It Go” runs counter to several of Strait’s most recent singles. “I Believe” and “Drinkin’ Man” were serious, impactful country songs that stalled on the charts. The nearly-Top 20 hit “I Got a Car” had depth, but was more praised for a memorable story and melody. This song does the opposite, working to sever all emotional ties that often leave one bound up and anxious.

You never know / What’s waiting just up the road / Sooner or later that sun’s gonna shine / Luck will turn on a dime / So when the good times roll let ‘em roll / But when they don’t / Let it go,” he calls out at the bridge.

Strait co-wrote “Let It Go” with his son Bubba Strait and Keith Gattis and released it just in time for summer. Like “The Seashores of Old Mexico," it could become a song that mixes well with sunblock and swimsuits.

Why Fans Will Love It: Strait's mellow voice serves this easy-to-embrace country song well.

Key Lyrics: "Let it go, sometimes you gotta let it go / Let it all wash on under the bridge, blow it a kiss / Give it a rest ‘cause it is what it is."

Did You Know?: Strait didn't release a single in 2014. That's the first calendar year that's gone by without new music from George Strait.

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