Jim Lauderdale is a prolific singer-songwriter, with many of his famed songs being cut by the King of Country Music, George Strait. Strait recorded Lauderdale's self-penned tune, 'The King of Broken Hearts,' as part of the soundtrack for 'Pure Country' back in 1992, but the song goes back further than that.

"I was reading a biography about Gram Parsons," Lauderdale tells Taste of Country of how the lyrics came to be. "There was a story about how Graham was having a party in California, and he was playing some George Jones records for people who had never heard him. He started crying. He said, ‘That’s the King of Broken Hearts.’ When I read that, it gave me chills. Then this melody started coming."

"The king of broken hearts doesn't ask much from his friends / And he has quite a few of them / They know he will understand / That's just the way it goes / The king of broken hearts doesn't know he's a king / He's trying to forget other things / Like some old chilly scenes / He's walking through alone," Lauderdale wrote in the song's opening lines.

"I made a trip out to the desert in California where I go write … a place called Joshua Tree National Park," says Lauderdale. "I went to this place called Cap Rock where Graham was cremated. There was a full moon, and the rest of the melody came to me."

The lyrics of the chorus continue:

"He talks to angels and the stars start to spin / He thinks of troubles that he's gotten in / He recalls how his heart got broken / And how it's still that way."

"It’s a tribute to both George Jones and Graham Parsons," notes Lauderdale.

'The King of Broken Hearts' was featured in both the film 'Pure Country,' as well as the movie's soundtrack.

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